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Gain The Genetic Advantage
Our mission

We embrace the latest technology to enable our customers to prosper and grow by developing genetics for the most productive rams available.

Friday, August 30, 2024 from 2pm - 5pm

Thursday, September 12, 2024
Inspection 11am
Sale commences 1pm sharp

Nicole McGuire Photography 22.07.22-63.jpg

NA Sired By Logo has gained Recognition and Traction especially on the Auctionsplus platform, where the logo is displayed.

Storestock, scanned merino's in lamb to NA Border Leicester Rams plus first cross ewes, all can display the logo.

One Condition is that we need your ram team to be at least 90% NA rams. This stipulation is to maintain standards and integrity with buyers.

About us

New Armatree is a family-owned and operated business, situated in the Northern Central West Slopes and Plains of NSW.

We combine a mix of visual assessment along with the cutting-edge science of genetic evaluation to ensure that our clients get the rams they need to GAIN THE GENETIC ADVANTAGE.


We take a lot of care to ensure the data we collect is best practice, thus generating reliable breeding values for the most informed decision for ourselves and our clients.

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