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Health and 



Health and Management

“If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” 

We undertake best industry practices concerning the health program of the Border Leicester Flock.

All sheep have a complete 6-in-1 program at marking and weaning and are only drenched when necessary, in accordance with regular worm egg count results.

Ovine Brucellosis is under a triennial testing program. Our certificate number is CW 76395 and the expiry date is August 31, 2025.

We remain committed to keeping the flock free from OJD. We understand a triannual pooled faecal count (OJD) and have an active farm biosecurity plan. Our OJD 2023 pooled faecal count was conducted with a negative result. 

All sale rams are independently vet-checked the day prior to our sale. This ensures that the rams are of top quality and ready to work.

The breeding ewes are run under commercial conditions and are not paid special attention to. 


We choose to do this to extract only those animals that will perform.

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