Technology and 


Technology and



At New Armatree we embrace technology that will advance the business,

including the stud.


  Technology adoption includes:

  • MATESEL – A computer based mating selection tool.

  • GENOMICS – Allowing us to use ram lambs with greater confidence and with an understanding of such traits as Meat Eating Quality and Lean Meat Yield (LMY).

  • BreedElite – An advanced computer program for the collection of Data.

  • AUTO DRAFTER – Allows us to combine the information within BreedElite and select using EID and ASVB’s or if we choose draft on weights.

  • Lambplan – Provides the Stud with information on individual animals that are ranked across the Border Leicester Breed. A Selection tool we use to meet our Breeding Objectives.



We welcome the opportunity to be involved in research projects to advance understanding within the sheep industry whether it is of direct benefit to our own enterprise or not.

Some recent research projects include:​

  • Joining ewe lambs – Dr Jo-Newton (2012)

  • Genetic Improvement Program (GIP) $uperborder breeder initiative  to increase genetic gain and provide linkage (continuous)

  • Maternal Reproduction Research in conjunction with Lambplan and Sheep Genetics (2017-2018)

  • Six monthly shearing for conception in merinos – Dr Emma Doyle (2018-2019)