Breeding objective

Breeding Objectives keep us focused on what is important to our ram buyers production system as well as the key profit drivers for their first cross ewe clients.

At New Armatree we have a SMART Breeding Objective:

S - Specific

M - Measureable

A - Attainable

R - Relevant

T - Time bound

This allows us to focus our selection decisions to be breeding the sheep that you need tomorrow, today.


At New Armatree we are continually reviewing and revising our breeding objective as we meet our targets to ensure that we are striving for continual genetic gain.


Our breeding objective is expressed in ASBV (Australian Sheep Breeding Value) units to ensure what we are actually improving the genetics of our flock.

Index Target

BLX Index Breeding Objective:

To continue to improve the BLX index at a faster rate than industry.

graph 1.png

Breeding Objective for Weight Traits

Birth Weight Breeding Objective:

Maintain current birth weight, to not exceed greater than 0.4.

Updated Weight breeding objective photo.

Post Weaning Weight Breeding Objective:

Continue to increase Post Weaning Weight at a faster rate than breed average, with our 3 year target being to increase it to 8.5 kg.

Updated post weaning weight breeding obj

Adult Weight Breeding Objective: To maintain adult weight and to not exceed an ASBV of 10kg.

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Breeding Objective for Carcase Traits

Post-Weaning Fat Breeding Objective:

To maintain optimal fat cover between 0.3 to 0.4mm.

graph 5.png

Eye-Muscle Depth Breeding Objective: 

To continue to increase muscling through improved eye muscle depth with our 3-year target being to increase the average PEMD ASBV from 0.8 to 1.0 mm.

graph 6.png

Breeding Objective for Maternal Traits

Maternal Weaning Weight Breeding Objective:

To increase the Maternal Weaning Weight (MWWT) ASBV steadily with our 3 year target being to increase it to 0.7.

Number of Lambs Weaned Breeding Objective:

To continue to increase Number of Lambs Weaned (NLW) at a greater rate than breed average, with a 3 year target of 14%.

Maternal weaning weight.PNG
Number of Lambs weaned.PNG

Breeding Objective for Carcase Quantity and Eating Quality Traits

Shear Force 5 Breeding Objective: 

To maintain and steadily decrease Shear Fource to 0nM and well below breed average. Shear Force refers to the amount of force required to cut a piece of meat i.e. the toughness of the meat.

A lower value for this trait is more desirable.

Intra-Muscular Fat Breeding Objective:

Continue to increase Intra-Muscular Fat and maintain levels significantly higher than breed average.

Lean Meat Yield Breeding Objective:

Continue to drive improvement with the 3-year goal being to increase it to 1.2%.

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graph 10.png
Lean meat yield.png