Current sires

Eight rams are included in 2021 New Armatree Sire Team

Key points

  • Eight rams are included in the 2021 New Armatree Sire Team

  • All sires in the team have been through a rigorous selection process both for physical and genetic traits.​​​

  • All sires have been selected to add to our breeding objective.  ​​

  • All sires have been genotyped. This is particularly important for when we are choosing young rams so that we have higher accuracy ASBVs to select on at a younger age.​​

  • Physical criteria that sires entering our team must conform on include:

    • Teeth and Jaws – these have to be correct even as an adult

    • Feet and Toes – Short, Sharp toes that require little to no maintenance

    • A balanced wool style  - this is a trait important to the first-cross ewe buyer

19-12 Sire 2020.jpg

New Armatree 19-0012


A solid ram indexing @135. used as ram lamb and backing up for a second season


NLW and a balance of Fat, Muscle and Pwwt

(20-505) IMG_4124.JPG

New Armatree 20-0505


A young sire born from a ewe lamb. Offering a lot of traits that hit our breeding objectives.


Emd, Fat, NLW and Mwwt


New Armatree 20-0415


A son of 18-0116 (an impact sire within NA) Carrying an excellent carcass with traits to match BLX of 144. A structurally correct animal


NLW, Fat, Muscle, Emd and Pwwt

(20-145) 4124.jpg

New Armatree 20-0145


A young sire from an AI program carried out in 2020. An excellent outcross to add to the NA Ram team


NLW and Mwwt

(19-475) IMG_4141.jpg

New Armatree 19-0475


Top 5% for maternal weaning weight plus hitting our adult body weight breeding objective. Indexing at 137.9


Mwwt, Pemd, NLW and Pwwt

(19-4707) IMG_4110(1).JPG

Inverbrackie 19-4707


A sire purchased 2020 from Inverbrackie Stud based in SA. An early maturing type carcase.


Carcase Traits and NLW.


Inverbrackie 19-0304


A second sire purchased from Inverbrackie Stud SA. We are looking forward to the progeny from 304. Top 10% for BLX and strong for Pwwt.


Mwwt, NLW top 5%, Emd, Fat, and moderate birth weight. 


New Armatree 18-0116


Used as a ram lamb in 2019 this ram has been used in NA stud and backs up again this year.

Used across three states within 7 studs check out his ASBV's to see why! 


An impact sire.

(19-245) IMG_4147.jpg

New Armatree 19-0245


Another son of 18-0116 again, showing great carcase shape and traits to match. A well-balanced ram indexing at 140. 


NLW, Fat, Pemd, Pwwt