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August Newsletter 2021

  • The sheep industry is a great place to be at the moment

  • 2021 NA Sire List

  • Sale Day 9 September 2021

  • Foot scoring guide

  • Same, same but different


August Newsletter 2019

  • Taking care of your Ram Team

  • Setting the bar for Fat & Muscle

  • Genetic trends

  • SuperBorders Conference


August Newsletter 2020

  • We invite you to our open day 28 August

  • New sheep genetics launched on 5 August

  • Be prepared for ram-buying season


For Flocks Sake ...

  • For flock's sake...#2 

  • This edition focuses on pain management at the marking cradle and the dreaded "animal welfare" discussions and options.


January Newsletter 2020

  • How to make it easy to buy rams to take your team forward!

  • Diverging Breeding Objectives: the show-ring vs reality

  •  Breeding for resilience in dry times

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